Minions Gin
80 Proof | 40% alc by vol

MINIONS Gin has quickly developed a cult-like following. Light and approachable with layers of citrus and berries as a forefront to a juniper background. Over 20 hand selected aromatic ingredients are meticulously vapor infused in micro batches. Uniquely versatile in a variety of cocktails. MINIONS Gin has converted many non-gin consumers into fans. Excellent as a substitute for vodka. Try it with ginger ale in the flagship cocktail MINIONS Mule.

Minions Barrel Reserve Gin
90 proof | 45% Alc by vol.

Prior to prohibition, gin was often transported in used whiskey barrels. MINIONS Barrel Reserve Gin is finished in used CROOKED FURROW Bourbon barrels that provides a depth of character with a whiskey flair. Try this gin in your next Old-Fashioned cocktail.

Minions old tom gin
90 proof | 45% alc by vol

Minions Old Tom is a unique revival of a style prevalent during the 1800’s, and until prohibition. More than a dozen botanicals both macerated and infused by distillation before finishing in used whiskey barrels. A great throwback to any pre-prohibition cocktail including the original Tom Collins.

Minions VÄN Skap Aquavit
80 Proof | 40% alc by vol

MINIONS Vän Skap (Swedish for “Friendship”) Aquavit is deeply rooted in Scandinavian heritage. Sweet notes of citrus, fennel and star anise are balanced with spicy notes of caraway, juniper and a distinct dill finish. Aquavit can be enjoyed traditionally chilled as a shot or will add a unique twist to any gin cocktail.

2Docks Vodka
80 Proof | 40% alc by vol

Distilled from local potatoes, exceptionally clean and crisp premium vodka. Resulting from attention to every detail during the small batch fermentation and five pass distillation process. A subtle natural sweetness is derived from the potatoes giving it a velvety smooth mouthfeel. 2DOCKS vodka perfect as a dirty martini or mixed in your favorite cocktail.

2Docks Cream Liqueur
36 Proof | 18% alc by vol

Handcrafted with natural ingredients infused into 2DOCKS Vodka and the finest cream base. Flavors and aromas abound with cocoa, vanilla, almond, cloves, cinnamon, citrus, cherries and coffee. Shake well and enjoy in coffee, over ice or combine with 2DOCKS Coffee liqueur for the perfect White Russian.

2Docks coffee Liqueur
36 Proof | 18% alc by vol

Handcrafted using 2DOCKS Vodka as its base, then perfectly blended with freshly roasted, cold brewed coffee, vanilla and almond. Enjoy subtle hints of cinnamon, cocoa, and caramelized sugar. All-natural flavorings that were hand selected to round out this unique liqueur. Equally suited served over ice, in a black Russian or as an enhancer for freshly brewed coffee.

2Docks Fire by Proof
40 Proof | 20% alc by vol

Fire-by-Proof nicknamed “Fire without the burn”, is a distinctive balance of Cassia and Ceylon cinnamons along with a hint of sweetness. It is still a true whiskey with award winning Crooked Furrow Bourbon as its base. Amazing with apple cider: warm or cold. Easily enjoyed as a shot – without the burn!

Harvest Blend by Crooked Furrow
American Blended Bourbon
80 Proof | 40% alc by vol

Harvest Blend by Crooked Furrow™ is a blend of locally harvested corn and barley. Aged 2 years and blended to perfection, this incredibly smooth and mellow spirit is easily enjoyed on the rocks. American blended bourbon with a flair of its own. A perfect upgrade in any whiskey cocktail.

Crooked Furrow 4Yr
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
92 Proof | 46% alc by vol

CROOKED FURROW™, a full-bodied Bourbon Whiskey is the first ever produced in North Dakota. Using small batch traditional methods, and meticulously conditioned to bottle strength while still in the barrel. This brings forward nuances that are otherwise lost in large scale production. Enjoy and savor this incredibly smooth yet bold and complex spirit.

Glen Fargo
American Malt Whiskey
80 Proof | 40% alc by vol

Proof Artisan Distillers is proud to produce North Dakota’s first Single Malt Whiskey since prohibition. Glen Fargo American Malt Whiskey™ is properly balanced, lightly dry with subtle sweet notes of caramel, brown sugar and dried fruits. Finish is mild with hints of malt and oak. Initially placed in new American Oak Barrels quickly transforms the spirit. Finished in used Crooked Furrow Bourbon barrels. Rated #1 in the Nation and a Double Gold Medal at the 2020 Best American Malt Whiskey Competition held in New York City. Glen Fargo is the Single Malt of North Dakota.

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