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2DOCKS Vodka – Potato Vodka

2Docks is an exceptionally clean and crisp spirit as a result of our attention to every detail during the small batch fermentation and five pass distillation process. A velvety smooth mouth feel with a hint of natural sweetness can only be attained from potatoes. This apparent contradiction of smoothness combined a simultaneous crisp taste proves that 2DOCKS Vodka is truly a paradox of great flavor, and an impeccable one nonetheless.


Perfectly suited for everything from 2DOCKS Martini’s to sipping straight on the rocks.

Our “Honey on the Docks” signature cocktail is a summer treat while enjoying lake time on the docks!

Minions Gin – Distilled from Potatoes, Vapor Infused

Minions Gin is a light and clean spirit that begins with a base of our highly acclaimed 2DOCKS Vodka. We carefully combine over twenty hand selected ingredients that are vapor infused through our micro-batch distillation process. Layers of flavors and aromatic ingredients including citrus, berries and spices provide a distinctive background to a properly apportioned juniper forefront.


Our exceptional New American Style Gin is not chill-filtered as that would diminish the subtle contribution of the essential oils from the citrus and botanicals. This is a distinguished characteristic of our true handcrafted, distilled spirit that enhances the taste, aroma and smooth mouth feel of its flavor profile. We receive overwhelming compliments from non-gin drinkers stating time and time again “I don’t like “gin”, but I love this!”


Perfectly suited in a MINIONS Tonic or our signature MINIONS Mule Cocktail – Ginger Ale with sliced fresh ginger and a small twist of lime.

MINIONS Barrel Reserve – Gin Finished in a Whiskey Barrel

2 Gold Medals – 2015 Portland Distillers Festival

Legend has it that prior to prohibition and before the use of stainless steel, gin was often transported in whiskey barrels from one place to another. To keep the good old days alive, we have finished our highly acclaimed MINIONS Gin in previously used whiskey barrels to mellow and add depth to the spirit. We are proud in reviving this old tradition as we were awarded 2 Gold Medals in the 2015 Great American Spirits Festival held in Portland, Oregon. Our MINIONS BARREL RESERVED Spirit Scored 94 points to receive a Gold Medal. Our MINIONS BARRELED OLD FASHIONED COCKTAIL Scored 93 points to also earn a Gold in the Pre-bottled Cocktail Division.


Nearly one hundred distilleries were represented at this 10th annual national competition, but only 25 Golds were awarded. Proof Artisan Distillers received two of them!


Perfectly suited in an Old Fashioned, Manhattan or simply sipping on the rocks with a twist of lemon.

2Docks Coffee Liqueur

Our coffee liqueur is handcrafted with our highly acclaimed 2Docks Vodka as its base and perfectly blended with cold-brewed, freshly-roasted coffee, vanilla and almonds. With its impeccable taste and ingredients such as Ceylon cinnamon, cocoa, spices, dried sweet cherries and caramelized sugar-syrup, it’s sure to make your coffee a happier beverage to sip on. It’s equally suited to be served over ice, in a Black Russian drink and more.

2Docks Cream Liqueur

Handcrafted with our exquisite 2Docks Vodka as a base and blended into the finest cream concoction, our cream liqueur will leave your sweet tooth wanting more. Hand-selected ingredients such as fresh-roasted, cold-brewed coffee, cocoa, vanilla, almonds, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon, cherries and citrus zests are skillfully tended to bring about the best flavor possible. Shake well and enjoy over ice, in your cup of coffee or even over your favorite dessert.

MINIONS Vän Skap Aquavit

Aquavit is a flavored spirit that has been produced in Scandinavia since the 15th century. To honor our deeply rooted Scandinavian heritage, we bring you our VänSkap (Swedish for friendship) Aquavit. Sweet notes of citrus, fennel, and star anise are balanced with spicy notes of caraway, coriander, juniper and a slight hint of dill.


Aquavit can be enjoyed chilled in a small glass or provide a unique twist in a traditional cocktail. To friends new and old, we raise our glass and say "VänSkap".

2DOCKS Fire by Proof - Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey

FIRE by PROOF is a distinctive spirit with a perfect balance of cinnamon, spices, and a hint of sweetness. This is the culmination of natural cinnamon sticks and spices macerated in our very own whiskey from a bourbon mash.


Enjoy chilled by itself, or in your favorite cinnamon spiced cocktail.

Glen Fargo - American Malt Whiskey

From North Dakota's first batch of Single Malt Whiskey distilled since Prohibition. Initially placed in a new American oak barrel, finished in a used bourbon barrel. Hints of malt, oak, and properly dry. Balanced, subtle sweet notes of caramel and vanilla. Finish is mild and softly fades.


Limited release.


Our MINIONS Old Tom is a unique revival of a style of spirit prevalent during late 1800's and up until Prohibition, consisting of a base blend of our own malted barley and potato spirits.


Nearly a dozen hand selected botanicals including juniper berries, coriander, and citrus peels are macerated as well as infused by distillation.


These subtle yet complex flavors and aromas are well balanced and continually change throughout the tasting into a smooth and mild finish.


Easy to enjoy, sipped simply over ice, or as an interesting twist in classic cocktails.

Crooked Furrow Bourbon – Release 2017


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