New American Tapas

Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 5pm

Braised Beef Street Tacos – 10

four white corn tortillas with slow cooked beef, shredded romaine lettuce, roasted corn salsa and cotija cheese

Antipasto – 15

a selection of fine meat, cheese and bites from around the world

Chicken Wings Confit – 15


one pound of extra tender chicken wings tossed in either of our house made sauces served with vegetables and spinach dip

Loaded Guacamole – 10

fresh made to order guacamole loaded up with pico de gallo and roasted corn salsa, served with fresh fried and seasoned tortilla chips

Shrimp and Chorizo – 15

six roasted shrimp with mild spanish sausage, sweet corn puree and roasted red pepper pesto

Potato Pavé – 10

from the french word for paving stones, thin layers of potato are stacked, baked, cut into squares and fried to flakey perfection served with sweet onion puree and bacon chèvre

Barbecue Beef Burnt Ends – 15

over one half pound of slow smoked beef brisket tossed in our own KC style BBQ sauce on a bed of seasoned onion straws and honey mustard aioli

The Minions Poutine – 15

a pile of hand cut, double fried french fries smothered with demi-glace, slow roasted beef and cheese curds




Crooked Furrow Bourbon Burger – 15

one third pound seasoned ground beef seared to perfection topped with bacon, honey mustard aioli, havarti cheese, onion straws and crooked furrow bourbon sauce, served with salt and vinegar fries

Baseball Cut Ribeye – 25

8 oz filet of ribeye, cooked to medium rare, topped with

roasted red pepper & gorganzola compound butter, served with potato pave, seasonal vegetable, horseradish whip and crooked furrow bourbon sauce


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Wednesday - Saturday – 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

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