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Joel Kath, Distiller and Founder

Proof Artisan Distillers

If you ask our Owner/Distiller Joel Kath why he developed a distillery, he will openly tell you “Spirits have always been my passion. Through Proof, I now have an exciting and challenging opportunity to be a distiller! To craft and create the high quality spirits that I’ve always enjoyed, and to share my passion for spirits, cocktails, and dining with others.”


Our facility provides an opportunity for the entire region to visit a distillery in action, and to taste and experience distilled spirits that have been produced from local products. Our tasting room allows us to showcase our spirits in handcrafted cocktails, and our mixologists will create cocktails to meet anyone’s approval.


While beer is not Joel’s beverage of choice, there are no hard feelings towards it. “I’m not be a huge fan of beer, but it’s ok. I mainly like it because it makes malt whiskey! We produce ‘beer’ for the base of Glen Fargo – The Single Malt of North Dakota.”


Indeed, Joel’s preference for spirits has encouraged the birth of quality, local, and award-winning spirits crafted with pride in North Dakota.


Located in historic downtown Fargo, ND, Proof Artisan Distillers produces vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon and liqueurs from local products: potatoes, barley and corn. Our facility offers an incredible distillery destination opportunity. Your experience will include locally produced and nationally awarded spirits, handcrafted award-winning cocktails, along with impeccable dining.


GOT PROOF? Our high quality, local presence and great value have made us wildly accepted across the region. Available in more than 400 locations, one can find our spirits in nearly all bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across North Dakota and the lakes country of Minnesota. In fact, if you find a location that does not have our spirits, please request it. We are certain it will be on hand the next time you visit.

Experience a great destination

to sample outstanding, locally produced spirits.

Distillery and Tasting Room

Located in a 1928 building, Proof Artisan Distillers is in the heart of Downtown Fargo. The distillery, occupying the rear 3/4 of the facility,

is where all of our production takes place. Grains and potato processing, wort production, fermentation, distilling, barreling, bottling and shipping. Tours are available as well as insights into our product development. Another unique experience.


The front portion of the facility houses the Tasting Room. In addition to serving exquisite cocktails and fine dining, the Tasting Room serves as our marketing gateway to consumers as an introduction for our products.


Visible from the Tasting Room, the distillery is a sight that very few people in the area have ever seen. Bright copper stills along with the shiny stainless steel tanks. Our Still Number 1, “The Judge”, was specially fabricated in Germany to our custom specifications in order to highlight our local products and style of spirits. The Judge is affectionately named as it is located under skylights where the judge’s chambers were when Fargo’s Municipal Courthouse previously resided.


Along with a full bar, our Tasting Room also serves small plate appetizers and tapas. The skylights and open architecture of the Tasting Room create the perfect environment to enjoy a revival of craft cocktails and incredible dining.

Tasting Room

 Reserve our tasting room for your next event!


Minions Bar ... circa 1892

The massive and ornate bar adorning the Tasting Room was rescued from the Down Under bar in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Friends of the distillery, who affectionately referred to themselves as our “minions,” disassembled and retrieved this heirloom of North Dakota bar history less than 24 hours before the building was demolished. With sincere appreciation, we have named MINIONS Gin in their honor.



Distillers and purveyors of fine whiskey, vodka and gin.

Wednesday - Saturday – 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

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